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In a nutshell 

At Solina, our goal is to develop food solutions that are not only tastier but also healthier and more sustainable. We aim to transition to a sustainable food system that provides nutrition and food security for everyone without compromising the well-being of people or the planet, both now and in the future. At Solina, we believe we have a significant role to play in achieving this.

What is our ambition? We aspire to be the partner of choice when it comes to developing customized sustainable food solutions. Our commitment is to create options that do not compromise on taste and nutrition, supporting our customers and end-consumers in the transition to more sustainable and nutritious eating habits.

Main targets for 2030 

  • 100% of our new innovations contribute to healthier & more sustainable food solutions
  • 50% of our sales come from applications that represent a healthier and more sustainable alternative for consumers
  • We seek to always inspire and support our customers on their journey to make food healthier & more sustainable
Nextera product

We focus on 3 key areas where we want to make an impact as a company to make healthier and more sustainable food:

      • Better nutrition
        • Enhancing the nutritional value of food solutions (e.g. in fibers, vegetables, proteins, and better digestibility)
        • Reducing sodium, fat, sugar and calories
        • Cleaner, organic and natural solutions
        • Offering a range of allergen-free solutions
      • Plant-based diets
        • Plant-based solutions to meet the increasing demand for vegetable-based diets, ranging from meat replacements (plant-based, hybrid, etc.) to new vegetable solutions that excel in taste, nutrition and environmental impact
      • Food waste reduction
        • Minimizing food waste by upcycling byproducts
        • Reducing food waste at our customers’ and end-consumers’ level by increasing shelf-life naturally and offering food solutions with higher tolerance

We assist our customers to develop food solutions that not only perform better in terms of nutrition (e.g. achieving a better Nutri-Score) and environmental impact but also ensure exceptional taste without making any compromises.


Sustainable packaging

In a nutshell 

We are Increasingly aware of the impact our packaging material has on the environment and the consumer, and we want to take our responsibility. At Solina, we see our packaging as a part of our food solutions, and therefore as a key component in the range of sustainable solutions we want to offer to our customers and end-consumers. Our ambition is to provide solutions in  circular packaging using minimal resources and incorporating renewable materials, without compromising product safety and quality

Main targets for 2030 

  • Including eco-design framework for all our new packaging development
  • We do our utmost to make 100% of our packaging recyclable (recycle ready) or reusable by 2025
  • Increasing the proportion of recycled content by 2030


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