People & Culture

focus areas  

  1. Diversity, equal treatment and inclusion
  2. Talent retention and attraction
  3. Operational health, safety and wellbeing
  4. Business ethics and integrity 

In a nutshell 

One of the main drivers of success is cultivating a corporate culture that not only supports but also powers sustainability initiatives. Accelerating our journey is possible only with a diverse, savvy, happy, and healthy team of like-minded individuals. Furthermore, we aim to promote ethical business within our network. To achieve our objectives, alignment is crucial—this includes not only our team but also our suppliers and business partners.

Main targets for 2030 

  • 100% gender parity in salary and bonuses 
  • 100% compliance with “Code of Ethics” from employees, suppliers and business partners 
  • 90% talent retention 
  • 45% women in leadership team 
  • 0 accidents and occupational diseases culture 
  • Ensuring fair wages & working conditions for all employees
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Ambitions for 2030

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Environmental Impact

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