Building A Portfolio Of Culinary Enhancers

Taste remains the most essential element of savoury food products. If a product falls short of consumer taste and sensory expectations, it is unlikely to succeed regardless of how well it delivers in terms of nutrition, texture and visual appeal. Recognition that taste is the critical attribute has led Solina to establish a range of culinary aids that represent different ways to achieve the same key goal: bringing sublime taste to savoury food products.

The portfolio of culinary aids enables our teams to tackle the challenge of taste enhancement from a range of angles, ensuring they have access to the perfect solution for every customer request.

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Improving Taste From Every Angle

Berthelet and Lynch serve as a taste maker, combining the flavours, seasonings, spices and enhancers that are needed to deliver the desired result. That taste compound creation process can result in a wide range of products, all of which are united by the common goal of delivering great-tasting and sensorially optimized savoury foods.

The products we provide to customers cover dry ingredients such as flavourings, seasoning  and liquid products such as sauces, stocks and bouillons. Those various products are similar beneath the surface. A wet sauce and seasoning are ultimately two different ways to change the tenderness, juiciness and visual appearance of meat, fish or new protein food to create a tasty, succulent and appealing product.

Bringing Culinary Aids To All Applications

Our culinary aids have applications across the landscape of savoury food products. For example, Solina, guided by our culinary heritage, applies the expertise we have accrued in stocks and bouillons to applications as diverse as ready meals, poultry products and sausages. In ready meals, the stock or bouillon is integral to the dish, while in sausages and poultry it serves as a seasoning or taste enhancer.

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