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Natural diced onions, caramelized onion (sugar free), caramelized onion with brown sugar, caramelized red onions, curry onions, cooked onion puree… Although cutting up raw onions always sets you up for sobs, the result guarantees tears of joy. Unfortunately, raw onions lose a lot of their volume during processing, and force manufacturers to invest in chilled storage. With our stake in Eurocebollas, Solina offers a solution: a rich variety of ready-to-use, vegan-friendly onion solutions. Pre-chopped, customisable, and highly sustainable.

Say goodbye to long hours of processing, cooking and cooling these remarkable root vegetables. It’s time for minimal onion waste and maximum onion efficiency, at stable prices. And due to their ambient temperature storage and transport, our onion solutions maintain their pure flavour and nutritional value, while you reduce your energy bill.


Natural goodness, sustainably packed

All our onion solutions are made from 100% fresh and locally sourced onions, straight from Spain – no preservatives, flavouring or colouring added. Moreover, our various packaging options enable you to minimise waste, portion conveniently, and store our onion solutions at room temperature. In other words: it’s the pinnacle of convenience without compromising on quality.

160 shades of onion bliss
Personalisation, anyone? Our onion offerings include up to 160 different recipes, depending on your favourite texture, oil, cooking type, size of cut (diced, sliced, minced…), sugar, spices, etc. Mashed or sautéed, pickled or fried: every day, we make the most out of this curvy crop. Whichever option you choose, expect a shelf life of more than 12 months at ambient temperature, and freshness for 8 days in the refrigerator (after opening).

The brightest bulb on the menu

Even the tiniest bit of onion makes a big difference every time. Get ready to love every layer of this versatile vegetable, because it adds flavour, depth and texture to any dish it touches – hot or cold. With its caramelised sweetness or tangy zing, you can upgrade sausages, soups, quiches, sauces, burgers, tortillas, pizzas, tacos… in cuisines from across the globe. The possibilities are endless.



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