Powdered sauce mixes

Powdered sauce mixes are among the products that have built the reputations of Berthelet and Lynch. These mixes guarantee delicious and easy-to-make sauces. They also can be used as a base for customizing sauces that will surely satisfy your customers. Several ranges of powdered sauce mixes are available.

Our Lynch sauces are renowned and can enhance a wide variety of recipes with their beloved flavours.

Our range of sauces for snacks will satisfy your hungriest customers.

While our brand Nappe Blanche brand offers high-end sauce mixes with refined flavours for discerning foodies. These sauces are perfect for fine cuisine and can be easily used for crafting personalized recipes.

We also offer a Nutri-Option sauces reduced in sodium, providing a healthier option without compromising on taste. It perfectly meets the needs of healthcare and senior residences.

Save with our concentrated powder sauce mixes.

Mélange pour sauces


Ready in an instant, simply add water to serve delectable sauces in a variety of flavours in no time at all…

Would you like to save time while serving quick and easy poutines? Discover our instant poutine sauce.

Learn more about Lynch’s range of sauce mixes and Berthelet’s ranges of sauce mixes regular, sauces mixes low in sodium, culinary cream bases and hollandaise sauce.

Bol de poutine - Bowl of poutine


Ready-to-serve Sauce

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Healthcare and healthy living

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