Embark on a journey of delectable delights with our bakery and dessert offerings. Our thoughtfully curated selection is designed to elevate your creations, whether you’re crafting pies, verrines, strudels, crisps, fruit squares, any of your favourite desserts!

From enhancing the base with premium graham crumbs to adding a touch of sweetness with quality corn syrup, our products are tailored to simplify and enhance your baking process.

Explore the versatility of our ready-to-use 750 g pouches of pie fillings. You can quickly create delicious sweet recipes with any of our 7 tasty flavours (blueberry, cherry, lemon, strawberry, diced apple, raspberry, custard). And for those seeking tradition, our mincemeat products blend rich flavours for a nostalgic treat.

At Solina, we understand the art of elevating bakery and dessert creations, making every bite a moment to remember.




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Syrups and ice cream toppings

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